We, the International Network for Fine Art, are Ar A network of websites interested in news related to art and artists from around the world. We seek to publish technical news for plastic artists, painters, exhibitions, and events related to art


Specializing in news related to plastic art

Painting shop

Specialized in selling paintings and artistic sculptures

Virtual galleries

Create and publish 3D virtual exhibitions

Social Media

A social media platform specialized for artists only

What do we do

We Ar an organization that focuses on promoting, supporting, and showcasing the work of artists who create art using plastic materials. Such institutions usually have a strong focus on visual arts, including sculptures, installations, and other three-dimensional works. They may also host exhibitions, workshops, and other events that bring together artists and art enthusiasts to appreciate and learn about plastic art. Additionally, these institutions often publish news, articles, and other information about plastic artists and their works, providing a platform for artists to share their vision and for art lovers to stay informed about the latest developments in the field. Through its activities, this type of institution plays a vital role in fostering a culture of appreciation for plastic art and promoting the work of talented artists.

What can we offer ?

  • News publishing
  • Create virtual exhibitions
  • Post advertisements for
  • technical workers
  • Selling artwork
  • Establishing electronic store
  • Teaching art and drawing

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