Harp Festival- Second Edition

After the huge success of the first edition, inaugurated in June 2021, the Fine Arts Network Foundation and the International Network for Fine Arts website have the honour to present the Second Edition of the Harp festival, the largest international symposium and exhibition specialized in fine art.

The Harp Festival- Second edition is going to be a 360° exclusive experience for all the international artists involved and it will take place in Jordan from the 7th to the 12th of March 2022.

The festival experience will include:

-Accommodation for 4 nights in one of the best hotels in Amman with breakfast and lunch/dinner included;

VIP tour of Wadi Rum, with 1 night in a luxurious camp site, which will include a traditional Bedouin dinner party and private Pick-up tour among the suggestive desert dunes;

Art symposium and painting workshops among the evocative colours of Wadi Rum;

– A whole personal booth in the exhibition, to display their artworks.

*The Harp Festival organization will provide the artists with the necessary materials for artists, except for the tools (e.g. brushes).

Festival Awards


The participation in The Harp Expo will give the chance to the artists to getting acquainted with other artists and companies supporting artists, gallery owners, collectors of works of art and Arab and foreign artists, and building relationships with them.

The artists will be displaying their artworks in the exhibition, where each one of them will be provided with a personal booth, to showcase their pieces and receiving visitors inside the exhibition.

All the artists’ and their artworks involved in the Harp Festival 2 will be included in the online version of the exhibition, a three-dimension virtual experience, visitable from all over the world, just one click of the mouse away, that will be permanently displayed on art-inpa.com.

Moreover the artists participating in the Festival will receive:

– The chance to win the Harp Festival award;

– Original Certificate of Participation in the Harp Festival- Second edition;

-A special Qualification to sell paintings at auction;

– An article about each artist and their career will be included in the official Harp Festival- 2nd edition book, that will be published both in English and in Arabic, printed more than 5,000 copies and distributed in public facilities, public waiting halls, international airports etc…;

– Participation in the Festival Closing Ceremony;

The festival will continue for 6 consecutive days as follows

Accommodation in a hotel for five nights, workshops, drawing, training workshops, entertainment trips, exhibition, musical concerts, competitions, prizes, certificates of appreciation.

Did you know that you can be a sponsor of the second harp festival?

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Don’t miss the chance to participate to the Harp Festival- Second Edition, contact us now

by phone at +962 785800582 or +962 796791233

by Whatsapp at +962785800582 or +962796791233

by visiting the company’s offices at Wasfi At-Tall St. 21, Amman, Jordan

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You can visit our previous exhibitions (virtual versions) by clicking here

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